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Our cooperation with BASF…


Long time cooperation between AS Kimya and BASF for Inorganic Chemicals (Ammonium Chloride, Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Nitrate so on…) has been going on.

Chemicals for Detergent …

We offer prompt delivery for chemicals, which are used in detergent and cosmetics industries. We carry stocks of surfactants, phosphates, thickening agents, preservatives, acids and solvents. Please click here for product list.

Bulk and packaged liquid ...

We provide liquid chemicals such as MEG, DEG, MPG, DPG and Amines in different packaging options as per our customers preferences. 

Food Additives and Chemicals…

Having 40 years experience in industrial chemical raw material distribution, AS Kimya has begun to supply food additives and chemicals to the food sector.